How much do I need to invest to get started?

Currently, our members can start with a minimum of 0 down and $99 per month for 5 months. (Plus tax)

This is our fast start program and is selected product at wholesale.  Members can choose additional

product at wholesale if they choose.

Where do I sell? 

There are many sales avenues available to you:                                                                                                         Social Media Marketing                                                 Christmas Shows                                                                In-Home Sales                                                          Open Houses                                                               Markets                                                                       Trade Shows                                                                Hospitals                                                                      Fundraisers                                                                 Women's Events                                                           Conventions                                                                   Offices & Banks                                                            Church Events                                                              Seniors Lodges                                                            RV Campgrounds

Can I do home parties or set up in my home?

YES!  Members do home parties (sip and shops). Women love to shop and take their purchase home.  Instant retail therapy!  Everyone has their own circle of friends and it's a great reason to get together each season.

Many members also have a 'studio' or 'boutique' in their home. Creativity is encouraged!